The Complete Recipe for Success!!


All the Ingredients You Need!


Call Centers

Point of Sale, Online Ordering,

Mobile Web Ordering,

Phone Apps & Data Warehouse


Combine our oneNumber™ Call Center Software with our onePOS™ Point Of Sale software, season with special features like Credit Card processing, inventory and Caller ID then blend in our integrated Online Ordering, Mobile Web Ordering plus Smart Phone APPS and top it all off with our Corporate Data Warehouse.  This is the recipe that you have been searching for, truely a "recipe for success" and is today used by some of the most profitable pizza Call Centers in the world.

oneSystem® is a strategic tool that will allow you to improve your service, create real profitability for your organization and ultimately dominate your markets! 
oneSystem® runs on the mission critical LINUX operating system, the same operating system that runs the majority of the  Internet.  LINUX is rock solid reliable, flexible and FREE.  Yes, a FREE operating system.  LINUX was developed under the opensource model and has become widely accepted around the world with large organizations and governments using LINUX to build out their IT infra-structures.
oneSystem offers you all of the essentials in a single integrated package from a company with more than 25 years of experience in the Call Center business.  Welcome to your Recipe for SUCCESS!!
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