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Our store side point of sale system is fully integrated with our oneNumber Customer Service Center software. Everything from a simple drop down menu based Point-of-Sale module to a full function Touch Screen. From a comprehensive Driver / Rider delivery module, scheduling, sales projections, time and attendance & payroll functionality to dynamic inventory, automated commissary orders, sector marketing, customer relationship management and highly developed daily and period reporting. All this and more, it not only makes for a very long sentence, it offers you an extremely flexible tool for all of your operational needs.

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If you do then you have plenty of time to learn how to take an order. Whether you choose a keyboard style of entry or our oneTouch touch screen option oneSystem allows team members to input orders with ease. There’s no need to misread a handwritten order nor experience another "lost" order, even during the busiest rush hour. oneSystem eliminates these problems for good. Coupons and promotions are simple to track and even easier to implement. The result, faster service, less mistakes and it all adds up to happier customers.


That's Hot!

oneSystem "Hot Key" reports can be created and viewed on the fly, real time. At the touch of a key, the current conditions of your store are on the screen in an easy to view format designed to give you an answer at a glance. Pop up a "Dashboard Report" and see how easy it becomes to drive your store.



Hardware not a Hard Time

Whatever your hardware requirements, oneSystem fits. If you would like to select your own hardware vendor or want our professionals to handle it all, we are able to meet your needs. oneSystem runs on the mission critical LINUX operating system. In a world that leaves no room for failure, we are proud to say "our reliability is legendary".


Bring On the Volume!

The oneSystem software installed at your store is the same software used by our largest Call Centers, so growth is simple and reliable. A true plug and play experience. When the volume rises oneSystem is up to the task. Add whatever you need as simply as plugging in a telephone. A new cash station, telephone station, printer or dispatch station. Plug it in and away you go.


One More Thing

oneSystem comes with complete installation and training. Our extensive experience in the food industry shows when it is time to train. We work in your store, side by side with your people to ensure they understand the tool that you have provided to help them perform at their peak. In our third decade of service, oneSystem is one of the most reliable Point of Sale applications in use worldwide. Ideal for multi-store food service operators oneSystem will provide uninterrupted service whether the order is instore or to the door!

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